Links Page Provides A Brief Survey of Science of History Field

The Links page serves as a brief survey of endeavours related to the new science of history.

  • Research: several groups are featured from Australia, Europe and North America with approached ranging from ecological to thermodynamic approaches.
  • Data: most approaches need more of it, and the data source projects listed are mostly new and under development. Even Wikidata, which is the furthest along, is only about a year old. Wolfram Alpha is perhaps the most established.
  • Journals: the few that exist so far are of varied quality, but express vanguard of this field.
  • Tools and Software: there aren’t many tools specifically designed for this science yet, but there is an open source cellular automata program and several free simulations. More will be coming.
  • Outreach: a link to Big History media¬†end the links on a fun, cosmic note.

History Quant will post news, articles and reviews about many of these endeavours and tools, and analyse how they all fit together. If any vital links have been missed, please tell the Editor!

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